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Black Moor Very Sick


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Ok I got a VERY sick black moor.

Ammonia Level


Nitrite Level


Ph Level


Nitrate level

Im having trouble telling it but it looks like 80 or so It may be 40 but it's hard to tell on that stupid strip. I'll retest it.

Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running

20gallon long been running for over 2 years

What do you feed your fish

Wardley Goldfish Flakes and some times some gel food

How many fish in the tank and there size?

Add any new fish to the tank

2 in the tank, black moor is about 3inch from nose to tip tail and the other is a red cap and it's about 4inch from nose to tip tail. the red cap is the newest I got it about 3 months ago

How often do you change the water and how much

I do a water change every week.

What kind of Filtration?

I forgot the name *i'll try and look it up* but it can filter up to a 75gallon and it's not bad in the 20gallon, I have it where it's not washing the fish around the tank.

Any unusual findings on the fish?


Any unusual behavior?

Yes, he is not eatting at all. It's been 3 or 4 days now. He is also not swimming right, and some times I'll find him on his side up at the top of the water. Not pokeing out of the water but just below it on it's side. And he has been staying in some spots in the tank and not moving much. Oh and Im not sure right now but some times I'll find him pooing white poo but I can't tell right now if he's doing it still.

Right now I have him in another tank with some salt in it. Im hopeing that will help some but he needs to eat..... I don't know how to make him eat.

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It sounds like his swim bladder is infected, that's why he's floating. The white poop could be a sign of internal parasites. That would make a lot of sense because internal parasites also cause swim bladder disorder. The only way I've heard of treating internal parasites is buying metro-med (medicated food) on goldfishconnection.com but since your moor isn't eating it might not work. See if he is interested in a pea..their good for cleaning out the system and can help swim bladder irritations. To prepare the pea: cook it in the microwave, peal the shell off the outside, and then chop it into small bitesize pieces or mush it up. I hope your fishie gets better, I'll be sending him lots of positive waves :)

Hopefully someone else will come along with more info.

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It could very well be SBD, but the fish could be constipated too.

The first thing I would work on is the nitrates. Getting them down to around 20 will help. A fish that has SBD can be aggravated by high nitrates.

Next I would try and feed the fish Peas. They act as a natural laxative for them.

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