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Very Ill Fish :(

Guest kazzmag

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Guest kazzmag

Ammonia Level? (Nh3 Nh+4) 0ppm to 0.5ppm

Nitrite Level?

Nitrate level? (NO2) 0ppm to 0.25ppm

Ph Level?high PH range 8.2-8.4

Ph Level out of the Tap?

Tank size(How many Gals) 8.2 uk galllons 37.5 litres

and How long has it been running?2 years

What kind of Filtration? interpet

How often do you change the water and how much?25 percent monthly+hoovering

What kind of Water additives or conditioners?

Any Medications add to the tank? i added batapour finrot medication on monday left the day inbetween like the help sheet says and then medicated this morning at about 11am

How many fish in the tank and there size?1 commet fish about 4 to 5 inches long

Add any new fish to the tank?no

What do you feed your fish? flake food ,daphenia and bloodworms

Any unusual findings on the fish? he had frayed tail and fins with one bit of red on one tail prong

Any unusual behavior?

*first he was slightly tilted with his head down abit and tail slightly in the air at the bottom of the tank that was 2/3 days ago

*his also not poo'd as much and when he has its thiner but not white more black brown

*he has coughed up white strands but i thought these where bits of the tail that came off :( thats why i was trying to sort the finrot out with the medication i coudlt get hoed of a piece and when i did it disapated before i could get it on a slide

*he has laid on his side right over which is how i found him at about 1pm i moved him to a bowl with clean water and conditioned the water and put aeration in

*he has since had what looks like fits his had about three or four where he spins around and around an upside down darting

*he tips and is unbouant but now and again he isnt

*sometimes he sits straight and swims ok but i have taken oput some of the water to help him be not so boyant that seems to be keeping him up right for the last 40 minutes

If you can what is the chloramines Level

from the Tap ? im not exactly sure i dont think we have as much cholrine as london i would say but i havent got a test for it

i will fiill in any gaps as i check them

he had a few attacks about 1 hour ago but since then has been sitting up better as i have taken abit of the water out seems to have help him keep boyant but i fear it will happen again

Is there anything that the thing that can give any clues to what else is wrong . I think there must be something else wrong as the tilting head down thing was one of the first things to happen before I medicated and it after the first medication to help the tailrot it appeared to make him more horrizontal

The medication was for fin rot mouth rot and bacteria so i thought maybe he had and infection and that inavertanlty the med had helped even thought it was for the finrot that i was treating he poo'd after as well i had given him some daphenia the poo was bigger not as thin but still small

has anyone got any suggestions im at my wits end :(

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  • Regular Member

Hi Kazzmag and welcome to Kokos.

I do believe your fish has an internal infection of columnaris (cottom mouth disease). I cannot think of another reason for the coughing up or spitting out of white stuff. (Rapid finrot is also a symptom) This disease is serious once it becomes internal and I suggest you use some antibiotic water treatment as soon as possible. Your local petstore will be able to recommend a treatment.

Good luck and keep us posted.

edit: if you are located in the US or Canada you can buy antibiotic food on line at Goldfish Connection. This stuff is great to have handy for serious infections but in the meantime start with antibiotic water treatment from the pet store.

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Guest Wingfinger

I'm no fish keeping expert but when you mention coughing up white strands this sounds to me like an internal parasite or bacteria of some kind. I could be shooting well past the mark but it's an idea. I'd wait until someone with more knowledge to reply though.

EDIT: Someone has! :D

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Guest kazzmag

at the moment barbs as his called is now swiming around happily looking for food after having four eratic swiming episodes he has poo at last and seems like he is swiming properly im still keeping an eye on him i thought i lost him three times he looked dead

thank you for youre suggestions i shall be checking them out the finrot i wouldnt say is rapid but it is strange i thought where some of the strands of the tail must have fallen into the tank that she was coughing that up

i managed to pick a piece out but like i said it dried and broke up into nothing when i tried to put abit on something so i could look at it under the microscope incase it was a parasite sadly i havent managed to pick a piece up yet but i shall try and get abit and have a look that should aid iin determining what it is

the medicine i gave her earlier on and the other day was for fin rot and mouth rot and bacteria would that help the situation if its mouth rot im in the uk we cant get some antibiotics i dont think i shall have a look

he seems fine at the mo swiming around more like him self its been a very stressful day im still keeping an eye on him making sure nothing else happens dont think im going to be able to sleep much form checkin his ok

thank you for all youre info i keep you informed how his doing at the mo its looking better but im still keeping vigilant

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The medicine for mouth rot probably did the trick. Columnaris is caused by bacteria, same as finrot, etc.

I'm glad barbs is improving, hopefully he/she will fully recover but if barbs starts to go downhill try repeating the medication.

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