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Guest Esareh

Carbon based materials absorbs low molecular weight organics. This dissolves gases such as chlorine, and odor producing materials from the water, thus improving the quality. Carbon filters can be treated to remove additional pollutants like lead and copper.

EDIT: in otherwords, it absorbs things

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Carbon is very good at removing pollutants from the watwer and giving it an extra bit of 'sparkle'. It does have a limited life-span though; carbon should always be changed every 6-8 weeks. If it gets too old it will stop absorbing substances and may even begin to release them back into the water.

It also doesn't remove *everything*: it won't remove salt, for instance. Though it will remove pretty much any fish meds, so always take out carbon before medicating a tank. :)

Edit: I forgot to add, you don't have to add it to your filter set-up if you don;t want to and in fact many fishkeepers choose not to because it has to be changed regularly, as I mentioned.

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