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Am I Treating This Eye Wound Correctly?

Guest Oranda Man

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Guest Oranda Man

So, I was cleaning out my tank like a dilligent little fishkeeper, and I turned my back for a second...when suddenly I don't hear the water coming out of the venturi anymore...I look inside the tank and see the one oranda all panicked and swimming around the syphon tube erratically. I look in the tube, and lo and behold, Caesar, my favorite Oranda, swam up and was stuck headfirst. Fortunatley, I am REALLY good about keeping myself calm in stressful situations, so I quickly smacked the tube on an angle on the bottom of the tank and he popped right out.

I managed to get him out in time and he was not significantly harmed...however, he has some damage to his right eye. There is what I would call a red streak following 60% of the circumference of his right eye. The eye appears to be a little swollen, but that's about it. He's about 4" long and a darn strong swimmer, so I am confident he will be ok.

I am treating him in a 5-gallon tank with Melafix and the carbon filter has been removed. The light is off in the tank. He is responding as normal to food and seemed to be getting back to his perky self this morning before I left for work. Aside from a little trauma, he seems ok.

I just wanted to make sure that I am treating him correctly...he is my favortite fish and I hate seeing him in pain like this! :(

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