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Oh Yeah, Some New Surprises!


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It is too funny - I have my shubunkin fry from February in a tub on the patio, including 3 sarasa babies from the pet store. Have been talking with my hubby about adding them to the "big comet" pond outside, but since he feeds them koi food, they have to grow first for them to be able to swallow those bigger pellets.

Anyway, today my hubby asks me if I had added my fry to "his" comet pond, although we said its too early. Very surprised I denied it, and pointed at mine out in the patio. Well, he says there are small fish swimming in with the big guns! :thud

And really - about 20 we counted so far! Anything from red, red/white, white to calico! Those devils must have spawned without us noticing, and the fry hid in the water lettuce and papyrus plants! They range from 1 inch to about 2 1/2 inch in size.

And this time I really was innocent! :rofl

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How do they compare in size to the ones you raised?


Yabbie, thats the other strange thing - my fry from February are smaller than the ones we just found! Although we are not sure when they hatched, but I only can think that the pond they are in is so much bigger than my fry tub. A 110 gl tub compared to a 3800 gl pond, well, I can assume that the just discovered fry had plenty more food to eat in form of algae and other small critters that fall into the pond all the time. Not to mention more space. :rolleyes:

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