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Two Fish...two Seperate Tanks

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FISH # 1:

I have an itty bitty pearlescent in a 30 gallon that has two other fish in it. QUITE awhile back, one of his/her scales turned red. I watched closely, and the red only stayed under one scale, it never streaked or anything like scepticemia.

Well, it's still there. Now about 3/4 of a year ago I rescued this fish from walmarts. She had ick all over her body and all of her white fins were kind of yellowish. She came along beautifully and healed up real fast and then a few months latter is when she got this red scale.

Another problem with this fish is that it never seems to grow even though it is in a HEALTHY 30 gallon tank that has always had good water parameters. The other fish in there are a large oranda and another small pearscale. Remember this is a little fish that is about one inch or maybe and inch and a half TOPS including the tail (I'm bad at measuring things in my head). Since this fish is a small eater, I give it plenty of time during eating--- probably more than the five minute limit like I'm supposed too, but she just never gets bigger.

I feed all of my gold fish Wardleys floating goldfish pellets. I soak them completely and then squessze out the excess air.

Do you think that I should feed this little fish for five minutes twice a day? Eeeek. perhaps I need to but time is soooo scarce expecially when college rolls around again.

I should mention that this fishie always acts fine.


FISH #2:

Last Christmas eve I rescued a Black moor from walmarts. I'm not going to try to guess the size of this fish. okay... maybe 4 inches? This fish's fins were eaten down VERY low and it has fungus. I treated the fish and it got better. the fins have all grown back now.... Well, still this fish always has me baffled in one way or another.

Quite awhile ago, I posted in here about how on the..grr what's it called? the underside of it's gills... where all of those "ridges" are. well, anyay there is this deep red--maybe a maroon (maybe it's really red but just looks darker since it is a black fish) spot there that has always been thereever since I got her. I never got any answers as to what it might be.

This fish has it's good days most of the time but has a few bad spells here and there. Sometimes it will sit on the bottom of the tank. She laways eats though. I've treated her in the past with prazi.... She got worse--gasping and stuff-- so I ended the treatment. I've treated her before in the past with a .3% salt solution...... she got worse--gasping and stuff-- so I ended the treatment.

After each time that I ended the treatment though by the next day she would be better and up and swimming around.

Does anyone know what might be going on?

Again, tank parameters are good, and this fish is alone in it's own ten gallone tank.


If anyone can give me answers on either one of these fish I will appreciate it.

I was thinking perhaps I should treat with Mardel's maracyn 2??? But I thought that I should ask first... I didn't want to jump to any conclusions.

Also, IMPORTANT question here:

If you think that the fish can be helped by the SAME treatment med's do you think it would be okay if I put the little pearlescent in with the moor in the ten gallon tank and treat them at the same time? My real hospital tank (10 g)is being used right now with a rescue ranchu, and I don't really want to treat them seperate because money is way too tight right now and it would cost alot more to treat the little pealescent in her real home----the thirty gallon. watcha think?

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How long has your pearlscale had the red spot?

Some fish don't grow very big or very fast, it can be due to genetics or simply due to the bad treatment it received before you got it. The 5 minute feeding time should be plenty of opportunity for it to eat, provided it doesn't have any special feeding problems.

How long has the black moor had it's red spot?

Really there doesn't appear to be anything seriously wrong with either of these fish. If they have had these marks for more than one month and nothing further has happened I wouldn't medicate. Just keep the water as clean as possible.

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Just like to add that the dark spot on the moor could be an old blood clot, or even dead tissue that hasn't broken away. Perhaps it's gills are permanently impaired due to damage caused before you rescued it. This could account for the bad reactions to medications.

Sometimes rescue fish have damage that isn't obvious to the eye, either way I wouldn't further treat the spot until/unless it causes serious problems, and someone is able to identify exactly what it is that needs treatment. :)

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The spot on the black moor has been there ever since I got her--December 24, 2004...

The little pearlescent has had the spot on her for at leat 5 months (guesstimate).

The black moor always does get mysteriously sick though even though the tank conditions are good. That is why I was wondering if I should medicate her or not.

Thanks alot

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