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It seems that my goldies (1 in particular) keep getting constipated...at least I think that's what it is....the poops are about 2 inches long (and that's before he has even released it yet) and a mixture of green and off white.

I'm careful not to overfeed...they literally eat their food in about 5 seconds! There are 2 fish in there (I lost the third the other day to what I believe to be a parasite (he died out of no where and the fish seems to dart around a lot and rub against the glass...so that is being treated currently with a 0.3% salt solution) and they get a very tiny pinch 1 time per day. I also give peas at least once a week and also fast 1 day a week. I thought the problem might be the type of goldfish food...I was using Wardleys from nnnnnn and then after reading a posting about good flake foods, I thought that this food may have too much filler...so I bought Omega 1. I also try to vary the diet a bit....give Wardleys 1 day, Omega 1 the next, sinking pellets the next, brine shrimp the next, peas the next etc....but they still have the long poops...so not sure what else to do!! maybe they eat too fast (foods are soaked for 5-10 minutes before feeding so they are not taking in air)? Of course I don't know how to prevent that! Any suggestions for what I can do to prevent this? Treating I know is to give peas for a day and then fast for 3 but I seem to need to do this weekly!

Not really related to this but to answer the ques above:

Ammonia = 0

Nitrite = 0

Nitrate = 10

Ph = 7.5

Tank = 46 gallons

fish = 1 comet, 1 shubunkin

filter = double bio-wheel

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Guest Esareh

Hmm... I would suggest a fast for three days, then feeding peas (natures laxitive) for 3 days. Good luck!

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