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Dealing With Ich

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De Jacamo (Black Moor) came down with Ich sunday, then before I could catch it the whole tank came down with it.

As of now De Jacamo, Gypsy (Zorro), Dusty and the plecos are in QT being treated with .2% salt and a tbsp of Rid*Ich. Yesterday Gypsy cleared up, De Jacamo and Dusty still have a few but are aslo clearing up.

The fish are covered, my next worry is the tank. Ich is a freefloating parasite so I have to completely clean out the water and decor, problem, I've got driftwood that can harbor eggs/hibernating Ich. I pulled it out, hosed it off and stuck it in a bucket along with my rocks and live plants then added .2% salt right away.

I'm worried, no paranoid, that the driftwood might still be harbouring Ich when I put it back in the tank. Will the salt be enough? or should I add Rid*Ich aswell? Is .2% salt going to kill the plants?

:krazy: Thanks you!

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How are your water params and all the other stuff from the big white box?

Actually, you would of been better to just treat the tank the infestation

started in. That way you deal with all the things that may have hidding spots

for any leftovers you missed with cleaning. So you may want to rebuild your

tank with what you had before and treat it along with the fish. I'm not sure

what % salt starts to harm plants.

Here's some of the basic things to follow when treating for ich:

Raise the temp up to 78-80*f, if needed, add aeration for the fish. This

raises their immune system to fight off bad stuff.

Turn off the tank light and cover the tank with a towel. Being in the dark

will help calm your fish. Ich is a sign your fish were stressed for some reason.

Having a dark tank is needed if you use products containing malachite green--

Rid-ich etc...

Every 3rd day you'll want to do a deep thorough gravel vacuum. This removes

any dormant 'friends' that may be lurking.

Treat for ich using any meds that have malachite green. Make sure to

remove any carbon in your tank. The carbon will absorb the water meds

making them useless.


Use salt to a .03% solution. This is achieved by adding 1 teaspoon per gallon every 12 hours. 1 teaspoon equals a .01%. Make sure to dissolve the salt in a container of tank water before adding to the tank. This way you won't burn your fish causing further stress.

Make sure to treat for ich up to 6 days past the last sign of ich. It may take

a couple weeks to fully get rid of the problem.

Good luck treating this! It's one of the easier ones to deal with. :) If you have

any questions, I won't be back until late Saturday, but their are plenty of other

people who should be able to help you out. :D

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(ammonia, nitrite/nitrate and Ph were tested by the LFS)

Ammonia Level - 0

Nitrite Level - 0

Nitrate level - 2

Ph Level - 6.4

Ph Level out of the Tap - Never had it tested before

Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running - Started in the 20 which has been running for 1 and a half years, but the QT 10 is being used as well.

What kind of Filtration - 20 Penguin Bio-Wheel 170 and a Mini, the 10 has a Penguin 660 (170gph) Sponge filter

How often do you change the water and how much - 25% every week, 50% every 2 months

What kind of Water additives or conditioners - Amquel+

Any Medications add to the tank - Rid Ich and .02% salt (not .2% my mistake)

How many fish in the tank and there size - 20 gal.= 2 Moors (4" and 2") and 2 plecos (both 2") 10= 1 Bubble eye (3") and 1 pleco (2") the plecos are BNs.

any new fish to the tank - The smaller Moor and bubble eye

What do you feed your fish - Hikari lionhead pellets, fruits and they eat the agae waffers as well sometimes.

Any unusual findings on the fish - The smaller Moor squeezed himself between the air bubbler and the wall and scratched himself so I put 2 tbsp salt in to calm him and hopefully kill any bacteria near the wound.

Any unusual behavior - Nope, just that he got stuck.

If you can what is the chloramines Level

from the Tap - Never checked either

Hmm, I should set the tank back up, but the Bubble eye is going to permanently live in the 10 later that's why I pulled her out so quick.

Ok, so then they're staying on meds and salt till next tuesday, that'll be 6 days. Since we don't know what ppm salt kills plants they're staying in the .02% bucket but everything else goes back in.

Thank you Pm94!

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Actually, what you are salting to is a 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3% solution. That darn decimal point always fouls people up :)

1 level teaspoon per gallon will give you 0.1%

1 level tablespoon per gallon will give you approx. 0.3%

(as you know the 1 tablespoon dose should be divided into three and added at 12 hour intervals)

0.3% will kill most plants, but not immediately. I have noticed that it takes about 2 weeks or so for the effects to show up. I would not use anything over a 0.1% solution on plants.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask questions.

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Ah, ok so actualy the plants are in less than .01% (5 gallon bucket with 1 tbsp salt) and the golfish are also in less than .02% (20 gallons has 4 tbsp salt, so that'll be uped in another 12 hour interval) Good to know the salt doses.

I think I shall boil the driftwood just in case, thank you Touchofsky.

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