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I Don't Know Whats Wrong?!?


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Ammonia Level 0

Nitrite Level? 0

Nitrate level? 12.5

Ph Level? 6.7

Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.2

Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 96 UK Litres (24 gal approx)

What kind of Filtration? Built in Juwel

How often do you change the water and how much? 25% weekly

What kind of Water additives or conditioners? Aqua safe (occasionally stress coat)

Any Medications add to the tank? No

How many fish in the tank and there size? 1 Ryukin 4" fantail 4" hillstream loach 1"

Add any new fish to the tank? No

What do you feed your fish? Sinking pellets (progold, tetrafin japan, sometimes brineshrimp & peas)

Any unusual findings on the fish? Such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins, fungus? none

Any unusual behavior? Like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? Resting a lot, nose down on gravel as resting position.

If you can what is the chloramines Level from the Tap? Don?t know

Right, my Fantail 'Atta' is resting a lot. That?s basically it, she' doesn?t normally, i thought it was Nitrates - as this is how she is if i am late with a water change and the nitrates creep up. But i have tested (shown above) and it is not that high. I normally change 25% or more weekly, i did my normal on Saturday, but as she wasn't happy i did another 25% last night - it hasn't made a difference to her behavior.

I have no idea why she is like this? Any suggestions?


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hi loz

is she still coming for food and then going back to that position?

your stats are good and you may need to up the amount of water changes to 25% twice a week as the juwel filter is crap, it only barely turns over 4 times the water, you may need to get another filter such as the fluval 2+ to bring the turnover up. what else are you using in the tank? are you using an airstone?

Is she head down and tail raised off the gravel? are the fins still raised too?

could be air in the bladder, so you can stop feeding for a couple of days and feed the peas. are you sure atta is a female or is it a guess? i think the fish is at breeding age and if theres been no breeding stars then theres the possibility of eggs. has she been chased around by jackson or is jackson still in the floaty position?

your ph is low in the tank compared to the ph from the tap. do water changes each day for now to see if you can raise it back up and add salt to .1% today or tomorrow and then again and see if it being at .2% will help. have you had anything new in the tank at all?

do you have bogwood in the tank or anything that might lower the ph at all?

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she is fine at feeding time swims about and catches food, she isn't always in the resting position - just more often than i am happy with.

i got a spare filter i can chuck in, will do it in a min. i have two airstones going, 1 x 1" and 1 x 4"

when she is head down her fins are just normal - she hurt her dorsal fin about a year ago - it never went back to normal - she's like free willy!

i just guessed she is female, i can't tell - no matter how hard i look!

Jackson is still 24/7 upside down.

i do have bogwood, but my PH has always been that low - since i started tank like 3 years ago or more. PH is steady between 6 & 7, i don't really want to mess with that.

absolutly nothing new i the tank.

i have some salt i can do that :)

Thank sands.

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