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So Excited!


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Hi all - I have decided to plant a tank. If all goes well, Graham Norton will get a real planted tank, too! I don't have much of a green thumb so I am hoping that I will have better luck since these are aquatic plants...

I am using GN's old 12 gallon tank and - I cOuLd NOt R E S i S T - I got 8 killifish and 4 shrimp to put in there!



GN's tank got moved and the cat can't watch him anymore so I decided to get the cat some of his own fish - something more fun for a kitty - that will dart around and stuff - I can't wait but I do not know yet when they are getting here...

Oh, yeah - and I ordered a Betta to put in with my frogs! I asked for opaque white but I am not sure what color I will get -


I got Marimo balls, Japanese fans, Anacharis (for GN), and a very large java fern.

I really hope all the plants stay alive! I will post pics when it is all set -up - but since this could take another two weeks (and I have already been doing weeks of research), I was too excited to wait longer!

I wish I could get another goldie... but this will certainly keep me busy! :D

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Good luck with all your new plants and new fish.

Planted tanks are so beautiful. I have not been good with real plants so I have just stuck with the silk ones. Real ones would be so much better though.

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