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What Is It?


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I suspect that you are seeing beard algae. Does it look like this: Beard algae (black algae)

If so, you'll not likely find a fish that will eat it. Unless you got a big pleco.

Anyway, its actually very harmless and is beneficial to have. In fact, most algaes are beneficial.

The best way to get rid of it and to keep it from coming back is to either scrub your gravel (not all at once, you don't wanna crash your cycle) and ornaments periodically, or do one scrubbing and then purchase a siamese algae eater or a pleco. The key to this is that they will keep it from growing back as it grows very slowly. ;)

Otherwise, dont go changing your lighting schedule and dumping chems in your tank or anything drastic. Since its harmless and unsightly (I like it!), some manual scrubbing is all you need every now and again.

Hope this helps!

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