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I Give Up!

Guest Rhiannon

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Guest Rhiannon

Hey all,

I feel very ashamed :( ..... I bought two new goggle eye fish to join a 3 year old and a 1 year old. 1 of the goggle fish died a couple of days ago and now the other one looks as if it is about to follow suit.

Answers to the question above:

(Anything to do with ammonia level, nitrate etc... i don't know- the pet shop asst. didn't think i needed to buy a test kit as i have had fish for a good couple of years but will get one this week)

Filtration - 1 filter - change 20% of water twice a week

I use Aqua safe by Tetra to sort the fishes water out.

Fish food - Aquarium Goldfish flake food.

Unusual behaviour - resting on the bottom of the tank (this is what they all seem to do before they pop their cloggs! the other two fish that i have had for a long time however are perfectly fine).

I've had my tank for 3 years and i know from joining this site have found out it is too small to cater for 3 fish. The measurements 45cm wide, 25cm high and 25 cm deep.

3 fish in tank - 1 is 7-9cms, the other two are between 3-4 cms.

No markings on the fish.

The reason why it is history repeating itself is that whenever i introduce new buddies that are gold they end up dieing. Yet the other two which look like eachother have no problems whatsover.

If this one dies i don't think i will consider even buying a bigger tank and mixing fish with those two. I have never witnessed them try to hurt the fish or bully it etc.

I'm baffled. I will get a tester kit tomorrow and compare levels to what this site recommends.

If anyone can offer me any advice in the meantime?

A very depressed fish lover.


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  • Regular Member

Hi Rhiannon, I think you've answered your own questions. Your tank is roughly 6.5gallons or 25litres and really is suitable for 1 very small goldfish, for a limited time only. Even with the most powerful filtration and daily water changes your tank is not suitable as the permanent home for 3 goldfish.

As for why your new fish die and not the existing ones, well, who knows? As you are not quarantining the new fish before introducing them to your other fish, it may just be a matter of time before the existing fish catch some disease or other.

I'm sorry if this post sounds negative but you know all the answers, you just need to implement them. If new fish keep dying, why keep getting more?

The symptoms of your deceased and ill fish could have any number of causes but I'm gonna guess it is nitrIte poisoning. Do daily water changes of 30-40% and find your fish larger accomodation as soon as possible. If you can't afford a larger tank atm, then a large plastic storage container will do the trick. Also salting the tank to .3% helps fish deal with nitrItes and other nasties as well.

You can use aquarium salt (multiply the dose x 3), rock salt, sea salt, kosher salt. To reach .3% you need 3 teaspoons of salt per gallon of water. Dissolve the salt first before adding to the tank, it is best to do half the dose then complete the other half 12hrs later.

Good luck.

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Guest FishBuddy

Another thing I have noticed, is some fish become quite hardy after awhile, they can adapt to horrible water conditions (Water conditions most fish would normally die in.) If that one is surviving, and the new one's are dieing, my guess is the old fish has more adapted to that water.

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Guest squeeker

Yup, Fishbuddy, that's called "Old Tank Syndrome". I believe it happens when nitrAtes build up over a period of time, which in turn decreases the pH. Because it happens gradually over time, the existing fish don't show any symptoms, but new fish just can't acclimatize and quickly get sick and die.

Rhiannon, I really suggest you get some water test kits, preferably the dropper type (the dip strips are very inaccurate). Also, if you can, invest in a larger tank (or rubbermaid tub) and more powerful filter.

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