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Biggest Catfish Ever Caught


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In the next county over, they had a diver go down to inspect the ######...he came up scared and pale...and they asked what was wrong..and he said he saw a couple catfish big enough to eat him, and he came right on up :scared

catfish can get awfully big...and they taste great too.....

Carp can get awfully big too....why even the small cousins of carp need 10 gallons a fish, and the real carp need ponds..... (Koi = carp)

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Guest Deliriumfish

Wow, it really makes you think whether there are fish down there with human intelligence and there own cities and things- looking at him next to those people, he was as big and definately looked stronger.

It's a sad story though, shame he died and couldn't finish his lifecycle, now there won't be any giant babies :(

I hope it doesn't make people go crazy killing lots of catfish to try and find a bigger one to beat the record. I mean dolphins are smaller than that and everyone thinks they are so great, why can't people see that fish are amazing and intelligent even if they aren't mammals?

sorry, began to rant, just makes you think about how amazing fish are though.

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