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That is a very tough question. It is a bit like saying how hot a temperature can you stand. You can live through some pretty horrendous temperatures, but at some point you will be burned and have permanant injuries. Some people would not survive very long for they are not as strong as others - so the weak would die at a lesser temperature than the strong. Many could live for a very long time at a very high temperature, but they would not be comfortable, happy or healthy. They would be more suceptible to every other problem that came along. It would be survival, not living.

Fish can live in amazingly toxic waters - ammmonia to 5-6ppm, nitrites to 4ppm, nitrates over400....I have seen it all. And in many cases the fish seem fine. But they are not thriving or healthy. The slightest stress or problem will kill a fish in this condition.

YOu know the ideal parameters - zero ammonia, zero nitrite, and nitrate under 40ppm. pH is varied - goldfish can adjust to live well in a wide variety of pH - I would say much below 6.5 and much over 8.5 gets into a worrisome area.

Remember - the saying is that if you keep the water well, the water will keep your fish well..... :)

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