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Sick Fish Help!

Guest schilds

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Guest schilds

i have 4 fish in a 50 gal. tank.water readings are okay.

my lionhead has lost a few scales lately has a white ring under

its one eye(?ulcer).my blue oranda has white spots on its head(maybe 8 or so) ,and around its eye only.it also has a bigger white fuzzy spoton its head.my orange oranda has small white spots on the edge of its fins and a few on its head.all fish look like their scales are mssing that slime coat. i have been treating them for 5 days or so with no improvement.i have been putting in the blue treatment and salt daily.

any suggestions?

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Hi schilds and :welcome

Would you be able to answer as many of the questions in the white box as possible? Also, you say your water is ok - but it would help enormously if you actually post your parameters.

What blue treatment? Broad spectrum antibiotic? Could you please give some more info on the contents? Also, if a broad spectrum - then some don't go well with salt and can do more damage than good.... how much salt have you added?

Anyhow, the more information you give the better to help understand what might be going on.

Please post back soon :)

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