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Help Needed In Torbay Area.


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Hi UK peeps.

I am going to Devon to collect a friend of mines fish tank for my sister. My friend cannot accomodate them anymore due to moving home. She has about five fish in there, I believe some guppies, something else I cant remember, and a cooli loach. They are fit and healthy, and were taken on by her through the death of the previous owner over a year ago.

I would be happy to take them on, but I am 6 hours from Devon, and rather than subject them to a VERY risky journey and put them through so much unnecessary stress, I was wondering if any of you who live in the Devon area may be willing to save these little tropicals from such a journey?

This would be such a relief for me and the owner. There are only about 5 of them, and I dont want to feel responsible for any of them not making it.

I know the people on this site really take care of their fish, and this is why I am trusting someone nearby to take them on if possible.

Please lovely people of Devon...........if you have a quarantine tank and can give these little sweeties a home, please email me. or post here.

I am in Devon on the 15th-17th June 2005. Can arrange to pick up or deliver.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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