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Guest Hawners

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Guest Hawners

im a little new at all this fish stuff and about to go out of town and i really dont want to worry my head off about my little orandas. ive been reading the forums trying to figure out what is wrong with him and im still unsure.

i got a little redcap from a lfs and had him in a 10gallon tank. he was in a big group when i got him and really active but when i got him home he refused to move and only ate what fell in front of his face. i splurged and went and got a 30gal tank, new filter and two more orandas, another redcap and a chocolate. i let it run for two days and got it tested and got the okay to put them in. my original oranda is so confident now and swims all over and his fellow redcap swims with him at his side. its so cute and the chocolate oranda is just crazy and swims all over.

my problem is the 2nd redcap is staying on the side of the tank, not at the top nor floating on the bottom. he wiggles everynow and then to stay in that spot and his dorsel fin is kept to his body. he only pokes it up when the little guys stir him up and he swims around the tank for a second with them and then goes back to his spot. He doesnt look bloated and the tank stats are fine. i had them retested today sorry i dont know exact details. do i just have a lazy fish or is something wrong with him. :(

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Greetings and welcome to the board! :welcome

Most of the time, when a fish keeps it's dorsal fin down next to it's body,

it doesn't feel good. This mostly is a result of the water params not

being the best. Try doing a 30% water change with temp matched water

and use a dechlorinator. Then, have your water tested and get actual

numbers, not OK or good for ammonia, nitrIte, nitrAte and ph level.

Once you get those, answer the questions in the big white box at the top

of the page. This will help us figure out what may be going on with your

little dude. :)

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