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Found A Container Of Flakes In My Basement


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I was just downstairs seeing what I all had in my rubbermaid container.......and I found a can of wardley tropical flakes down there....the seal is off but it is still full....I don't think I have ever used them. They have been sealed up in a rubbermaid container in my basement so I am not sure if they are still okay to feed to my fish or not? I have no idea how long they have been down there? maybe 2 years?.......The can says for tropical fish.....can I give them to the goldies?

I coulden't find a exp. date on them so I wasn't sure I am going to wait to hear back from someone to see if I should just toss them or not?? Doing a little spring cleaing round here!!....lol kinda driving me nuts!! :stars

Found a bunch of little 5 gal. plastic critter keepers also, maybe I need to fill them up too!! also came across my other tanks 2 10 gal, and 1 20 gal.....I think I should get something to fill those empty homes! :tomuch:

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