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Yellow Pleco?

Guest PenelopeFish

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Guest PenelopeFish

I wasn't sure where to post this, because there are no forums about Plecos (that I know of)...

Anyway, I recently had a tank full of comet goldfish and two Plecos. I am not sure what kind of Plecos they are, all I know is that they were good pets and never sucked on my goldfish. I recently put the goldfish in my pond, and left the plecos in the tank. There is a really big one, and a small one. And the big one is changing colors suddenly! He was completely black for the whole time he was living with the goldfish. But now he has yellow stripes! He looks pretty awesome, but is this normal? I've heard of goldfish changing color, but never Plecos. The little Pleco is still black. Anybody know what's up?

PenelopeFish :heart

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