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Healthy Levels For Oranda?

Guest blueeyes203

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Guest blueeyes203

I've been testing my 10 gal tank with my 2 inch long oranda that has been recieving treatment for ich and slowly recovering from a swim bladder disorder, and i was curious as to if anyone knew the healthy water quality levels for an oranda.

these are the latest results:

nitrate: 20

Nitrite: 1.0

Hardness: 120

Alkalinity: 80

PH: 7.6

Ammonia: .5

Is that healthy? if not, what should i do?

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Guest VxShady

Your tank is not completely cycled yet.

When the tank is done cycling you should have 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite, and if your fish has sbd problems your nitrate should be no higher then 20.

Is that the only fish in the tank?

Did you read up on cycling?

What kind of filtration do you have?

How often do you do water changes?

You might wanna do one right now to keep the nitrates down and to lower the nitrite and ammonia, especially since he is sick and its going to be that much more difficult for him to get through the cycle.

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Guest blueeyes203

i've only had her for a little over a week...haven't read up on cycling.

the filter right now doesn't have the carbon filter in b/c of of the treatment i'm using say to remove it.

i'm using "quick cure" which is supposed to help for several things including ick. At 1st i was doing salt treatments (2 tbsp per 10 gal) every 12 hours...after 2nd treatment, i stopped b/c i notices what looked like burns from the salt (red spots) and as of today, they are gone. when i noticed the burns, i did a 50% water change and waited 24 hours to start a new treatment (quick cure) Also, raised temp to 80 and keep the tank covered.

She is now back to swimming and eating as of this afternoon. I've been feeding her a couple peas a day with some goldfish crumbles (soaked before put in tank).

Lately b/c of the higher ammonia and nitrite level, i've been changing the water about every 2-3 days about 20% and vaccuming to remove the ick falling off her.

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  • Regular Member

Sounds like you're doing great! Are you dosing the quick cure daily?

with a pH of 7.6, you'll want to keep ammonia under 1ppm.

I'd also recommend salting to 1 teaspoon per gallon to protect against nitrIte poisoning, but I'm not sure if salt's safe with formalin. This


appears to be an interview with Doc Johnson from Koivet that says it's ok. but Bonnie Hale says salt should be under .1% with formalin.


and another page by Doc says salt should be under .3% when using formalin. Any idea what your salt level is after the partial water changes?

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