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Betta Water Parameterrs


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Here is the water parameters in my betta tank.

PH 7.6

nitrite 0

nitrate 10

GH 75 ppm

KH 120 ppm

temp 82 degrees

ammonia .1

This is a 5 gal tank

1 betta

1 small bubble wand

no filter

a very light layer of gravel

3 silk plants

1 cave for hiding

small heater to keep the temp stable

our betta is a young white half moon blue around his eyes. (named "Whida" by my 5 yr old daughter) he is gorgeous ~ but his fins are beginning to deteriorate. From all I have read water changes are most helpful. I usually do 50% once a week. If I let the water sit out then it isn't the same temp as the water was in the tank. Last time I did a full 100% chg ...i let the water sit out 24 hours...then after scooping Whida out I rinsed the entire tank...refilled it...and then waited for the heater to get the water back up to the usual temp before returning Whida to his tank.

How much of a water change should I do and how often?

Bettas are new to me. any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

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Betta Tanks shouldn't have any reading for ammonia or nitrites.The smallest amount can cause a finrot problem.If your doing 50% once a week,and still having ammonia,then another water change seems to be needed somewhere during that week.I personally would get rid of the Bubblewand,and purchase a small filter.They have a few different ones that have been posted in the Betta Column recently.I swear by having a filter and a heater in my Betta Tanks.Since they've each gotten their own little set-up,I haven't had any type of finrot at all. Mine are all seasoned cycle tanks,& once every couple of weeks,I rinse their filter's out in some tank water.Once evey week -sometimes a couple-I change out at least 50 % of their water.Each betta deals differentl-Each person finds what works for them.This is just what I do. :rolleyes:

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