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New Snails

Guest MonknSharona

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Guest MonknSharona

Ok, I don't think I've posted these yet but I will here; we got some new snails; we've had four to begin with so I'll just show y'all:

Pat the MTS:


This is Riddley the big gold cana, Grimmace the purple brigs attached to Riddley, two of the three babie canas, and Hansel the haustrum:


This is Jack the Insualarium with Bee the spixi right in front of him:


Bee the spixi:


riddley and Tiger, the brigs:


St. Louis the marisa:


And another of Riddley, since he's my main man:


Just wanted to share.

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Guest MonknSharona

Thanks so much! They are all so much fun from the teeny tiny spixi to the big ol' lazy Riddley. :)

I just love having snails. I'd have to say, the perfect pet. :D

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