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Guest pandaluver


I need some help with a problem. I have always had very low PH out of my tap[6.0]. After several days in my tank it would fall to below 6 and crash my cycle and my fish would start looking bad. I put crushed corral in the filter media baskets and add small amounts of baking soda when doing water changes. this now keeps my PH steady at about 7.2 . I recently purchased a 4.5 inch oranda and put in the 29 gallon tank. he does ok for a little while but by the end of the day he is crashing all over the tank, running into things head first, rolling,flipping and just can't seem to swim right. He also stands on his head and just sits like that vertical in the water. I have treated him with prazi for flukes and it did not help. I removed him from the tank and put him in a 3 gal. hospital tank with a 150 HOB filter that is cycled from my other tanks. He does great in the small tank with the low PH. I also added 3 teaspoons salt. Everytime I have tried to add him back to the big tank he crashes again. I add him very slowly letting him sit in a small bucket with a little of the main tanks water added slowly over several hours. I really don't want him to stay in such a small tank but it is the only place he does good in. This has been going on for a month now. I have tried to introduce him back to the tank several times with the same results. I even tried putting him in my daughters 10 gallon that has 2 small 1 inch fantails in it. Same thing happens.

the 29 gallon tank has 3 other orandas in it.

running 1 year

ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrates 10--just did water change

PH 7.2

daughters 10 gal tank is the same .

the small 3 gallon he is in now is the same except the PH is about 6.2--everytime I try to raise it slowly he starts crashing.

sorry this is so long.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what else to try



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