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Turn For The Worse... Help Please!

Guest JessicaLynn

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Guest JessicaLynn

As I was writing my post from a few minutes ago, my black moor seems to have taken a turn for the worse, and I think is dying right at this moment. He wouldn't eat this time, and isn't even bothering to move his fins anymore. Any last minute advice? Please help!

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Hi Jessica - without knowing any of your water parameters or anything really, there is one thing you can try - an immediate waterchange of 50%. Add 1teaspoon of salt per gallon of tank water.

Then, once you've done this (with temperature and ph matched water) it'd be great if you could give as much of the information in the above box as possible. If your tank is cycling, the toxins may well be poisoning him so in the interim - a hasty change using a dechlorinator might help a bit if it's not too late.

Please post back soon :D


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