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Whitie Snowflake Is Sick

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Ammonia Level 0

Nitrite Level 0

Nitrate Level 10 or 20 (it's hard to tell, 10 and 20 are like the same colour)

pH just under 8 (same out of tap)

Aqua Clear 300

Aqua Plus Water Conditioner

Feed an assortment of food, Spirillina sp, GF Flakes, Pellets, Shrimp Pellets, Veggies etc

Tank has been running for a 2 or 3 years

44 gallon tank, 3 goldfish

Cleaned weekly, 35-50% water change, and I have a 14" airstone

For a week Whitie Snowflake was resting on the bottom. Her dorsal fin was up still, and she would swim around at feeding time. I tried not to worry too much, and just tested my water. Everything checked out.

After a week of sitting on the bottom her dorsal fin went down =o( and her tail split into ribbons, and got red streaks in it. When I lifted her out, she had blood streaks all of her stomach. I think it was from sitting on the bottom. I have basically bare bottom, but I have handfuls of glass beads in the bottom she was laying on.

I took her out of the tank, peroxide dipped her tail, and put her in a hospital with some salt. 0.1%.

Then I found Maracyn Two that I had and started that.

I also started her on Metromeds. (Last time I had lethargic fish, they all dropsied within a week and died).

This is day 3 in the hospital. Today she was swimming around the top. Her dorsal fin is still up even when she is laying on the bottom. And she seems really hungry.

She doesn't seem to have parasites.

Her gills look good, her stomach isn't mushy, and her slime coat is good.

Any ideas on why this happened.

Normally I wouldn't just start medicating not knowing what I am dealing with, but this is Whitie Snowflake!!! And she is looking better today.


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I understand why you're worried, she is a beautiful fish. Red streaks on the belly usually indicate abdominal dropsy or septicimia, both are internal infections. I think the best you can do is continue with the metromed food for a full 30 days and keep her isolated where she can rest without being bothered. It won't hurt to finish the Marcyn II treatment but I think you'll get the best results with metromed.

If possible slowly raise her temp to around 80F, one of our members had much faster recoveries with metromed when the temp was raised. Sorry, can't remember who it was.

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The warmer temps can boost their immune system.

Are you sure she is a girl? Could be be bound or impacted? Just a thought.

I have read that when they clamp their fins it is 1 of 2 things. Either a ph crash or parasites. Have you looked under a microscope to rule out the parasites? I have heard this is the only way to truely diagnosis a parasite.

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Yep I looked under the microscope. I didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing there, I don't fully trust myself LOL. Should I try something for parasites after I finish this treatment?

I am postive she is a girl, she's layed eggs before. =O)

Her fins weren't clamped, only her dorsal fin was down, the others were normal. My pH seems fine, how do I know if it is crashing?

She is doing much better today. Oh and I do have a heater! My SIL gave it to me back in the fall. It's come in handy.

As for being egg bound or impacted, I am not sure how to tell.

The reason I was not too worried at first when she was bottom sitting, was because last time she did that she layed eggs. This time though, no one was chasing her, and it seemed to get worse, with the red streaks in her tail. My male fish died back in the winter =o( I am not sure if her tank mates are male or female.

She is alone in the hospital tank right now. I will lift her out later this afternoon and check if the red on her belly is gone. She is swimming around though, that is a good sign I think.


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