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Fin Rot Getting Worse

Guest Brews

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Guest Brews

In Tank

Ammonia Level: 0.25

Nitrite Level: 0.3

Nitrate level: Unknown

Ph Level: 7.2


Ammonia Level: 0

Nitrite Level: 0.3

Ph Level: 7.2

Tank size: ~3.4 lt (almost 1 gal)

How long has it been running: 1 year

What kind of Filtration: None

How often do you change the water and how much: 100% water change weekly

What kind of Water additives or conditioners: Water Ager CN by Biotech Restoration

Any Medications add to the tank: Currently "Fungus & Finrot Remedy" by Aquarium Science. Previously "PimaFix Antifungal Remedy" by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

How many fish in the tank and there size: 1 x Betta

Add any new fish to the tank: No

What do you feed your fish: "Betta Bites" by HBH (~6-8 pallets daily) & Freeze Dried Blood Worms by Pro Balance (~2-3 every 3-4 days)

Any unusual findings on the fish? Finrot

Any unusual behavior? No

If you can what is the chloramines Level from the Tap? Unknown

Introducing: Bruce


(water is green due to medication)

He's been suffering from finrot for a few weeks with on and off remissions. The last couple of days have seen a real increase in the visible finrot.

We initially were treating him with 100% daily water changes with aquarium salt, after a few days and no improvement we began using PimaFix anti-fungal remedy upon the advice of a pet shop. We followed the instructions and treated the water daily with a 25% water change after a week.

His condition got worse. We did a 100% water change again (with salt) and waited a couple of days before starting another treatment "Fungus & Finrot Remedy" upon the advice of a second pet shop. Things seemed to stabilise a bit. We continued the treatment with 25% water changes every three days. The finrot began advancing again, so a 100% water change with a fresh treatment of the 'remedy' was done. The finrot advanced considerably after this.

He hasn't lost appetite and is still swimming around.

The tank he's currently in (after reading lots about this recently) is possibly a bit small @ ~ 1 gal. I have a 19lt (~5 gal) tank housing 4 guppies, and a 60lt (~15.8 gal) tank housing 4 goldfish. Both of these tanks are testing fine for nitrites and ammonia. Could he be placed in one of these tanks with the other fish?

I'm looking for advice as to what can be done to knock off this finrot once and (hopefully) for all.

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:) Hi Brews,Sorry to hear that you're having problems with Finrot. I have found that with the majority of my Betta's, Finrot was treated best with daily water changes of aged temp-matched water- and no salt or any other Meds. I have personally tried Pimafix & melafix with Betta's and found them to have even more complications than what they were originally having. Lately,there have been a few people dealing with a more severe type of Finrot to where Maracyn & Maracyn II had to be used. Luckily for me,I've only had to use this Combo once,and it worked for me. I have the majority of my Betta's now housed in 2.5 to 5 gal. Tanks with heater's & filter's ,and to tell you the truth,have not had any finrot since I've done that. :) As for adding your Betta to the Goldie tank,I wouldn't advise it because you're allready overstocked in that tank. Betta's and Guppies may have a hard time together in a 5 gal.tank. Betta's can share community tanks,but they can be rough on other fish,especially those that have long fancy flowing fins like theirselves. Guppies are quite colorful,and also have those long fins. The thing about Betta's ,is that each Betta has it's own personality,and sometimes things can work with one Betta,and not the other. I have a Female Betta that is housed in a tank with a female Swordtail,and although the Betta pulls rank once in a while,there's enough room in the tank for them to live pretty peacefully with each other. I also have a Betta that lives in a community tank with Cory Cats, Apple Snails and one Big female Gouramis . He's been in there since he was a baby & has done well. Other people will tell you not to put Betta's with Gouramis because they'll not get along. :rolleyes:
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