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A Smile From Ear To Ear!


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Oh boy am I happy... :P

I've just got back from picking up my new tank. It's a 75 gallon - so plenty of room for my existing pair of fish (1 common & 1 shubunkin). It'll be nice for them to have more than 10g to swim around in as well. We're going for 7 or 8 fish in total, over a period of the next few months, as we have a big cannister filter, which will cope a lot better with the amount of waste than any internal would.

However, I read somewhere that there are 3 categories of goldfish, and you shouldn't mix them... does anybody know where I can find that info - or can anyone tell me, as we saw a gorgeous fantail this afternoon, and I'd love to go back and get it, but not sure if it'll live happilly with the existing common and shubunkin.

So, new 75g to go and start setting up - I'll be lucky to go to bed tonight! :panana:nana

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Congrats. I love getting anew tank :panana

Fish that should be left by then selfs.

Bubble eye, Celestial, Should be by them selfs they are the slowest and cant see that well.

Pom Poms I would have by them selfs as some other goldfish might think of them as food.

then as for the other kinds of goldfish the Oranda, Ryukins, Telescopes Shouldn't be mixed with the Commons, Comet or shubunkins because these fish are much faster and can get to the food better :)

there are sometimes Exceptions to the rules. I know that there might be people out there that have had success with mixing these to gather this is just a word to the wise :)

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Hey, thanks Koko, that's superb...

Anyone have any ideas on fantails - are they ok with commons & shubunkins, or should they be seperate?

I've been working on my tank now solidly for 5 hours, and I'm only just getting to the point of beginning to clean it. I've been removing old filter covers and silcone sealant. Now I want to take all the glass runners from the top, and replace them with some new ones. Then I need to make a lid (or get a lid made, depends if I have any money by then). It needs a couple of sliding covers for the top, and a very good clean, as it's previous owner used it for marine fish - so loads of salt-scum all over the place.

My front room is a mess of wiring, and various tubing (Eheim 16/22 and silicone 6mm airline all over the place at the mo).

It'll be about a week before I fill with water, and then it's time to do a fishless cycle whilst my two sit and watch from their 10g - wondering what I'm up to! By the time it's finished, I may buy a wetsuit and move in with them! :rofl

So, I'm going to be asking dozens of questions over the next few days - thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out!

Cheers..... :happydance

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