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Pellets, I Am So Done With Flakes

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I am so done with flakes. My question is what type of good pellets could i get for my two fish ? How many should I feed each goldfish? And should they be soaked?

Any info on pellets would be appreciated

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Guest Luke Anderson

Progold from goldfishconnection is my favorite pellet to feed : www.goldfishconnection.com, and it is also available at: www.fishsempai.com, and www.mops.ca

Hikari Lionhead pellets are very good, and they are sold at a lot of stores, and online like at www.fishsempai.com

shogold: available at : www.goldfishconnection.com, www.mops.ca, www.fishsempai.com

Japanese medigold: www.fishsempai.com

kintoto: www.fishsempai.com

omega one goldfish pellets are quite good, but they contain ethoxyquin. They are available at a lot of store and online on some sites.

Bio-blend goldfish pellets are decent, but they too contain ethoxyquin. They are available at many stores and online.

Feed as much food as it takes your fish to finish in 3 minutes (if you feed 2 times per day), in 1-2 minutes if 3 times per day, or 5-6 minutes if once per day.

It is a good idea to soak pelleted food for a couple of minutes before feeding, except progold often does not need to be unless you have especially sensitive fish.

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