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Weird Stringy Thing


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I see this ~3-5mm white string coming off from my fish's fins (two at the moment, one on pectoral, one on dorsal, but I've seen it on claudal a year ago). It does not look like anchor worm. It doesn't look like a distinct line, more of slightly fuzzy. It kind of looks like there's a very small whitish fuzz (like fungus) on the fin surface and the possible fungus-like string coming off it.

I'm thinking it's either:

- my fish's slime coating coming off, and so happens to be a distinct string shape

- my fish got bitten by parasites (namely flukes) more than usual there, and it's fungus residue sliding off

- it's a big parasite - help!

I still see 1-1.5mm flukes (I think) on my fishies btw. I'm at the first stages of treatment, and hope that after salt bath and more water changes (+ bucket to bucket) they'll be less slimy and the strings go away.

If someone can find a pic of this string description, could you show me so I can tell if it's what I have?


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