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I May Have To Medicate One Of My 2 Fish

Guest shanblair_04

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Guest shanblair_04

I have a black moor and a common GF. The black moor is sick :ill , first he had a white patch on his dorsal, then it spread so that now it looks like someone spread talcum powder all over the right side of his dorsal. I don't know if its a fungus or ich, but I know I have to treat it (I don't know what the parameters are :crp for my tank, i'm in college and can't spare the cash to buy the entire water testing kit and I don't have immediate plans to head to my lfs to have my water tested)

The question I have is, can I treat the black moor and leave the common in the tank b/c I have no place else to put him?

Please let me know :krazy:

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The simple answer is yes. You can treat both in the same tank. In fact, it is probably a good idea. Depending on what the problem is, the common has been exposed to the same pathogens so it is better to treat both.

Now, with the white spots, do they look like grains of salt or little strands of hair? When you said that it start with a white patch, how big was it? Is the patch still there?

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