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Guest ThugLife

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Guest ThugLife

i have a 30 gallon tank with 6 comets now one died jus like an hour ago

it was 2 days ago that i saw that they had fungus growing on them and they were hidding alot.

so i put tha anti fungus med, now it has been 48 hours since i put tha med

most of the fungus is gone but one fish still has white skin likey thing on his head, it sorta looks like dry skin on a fish

should i b doseing them again?

and all mah other things are perfect

PH - 7.0

ammonia and nitriates

i checked it at tha local vvvv

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Oh my I am sorry to hear your fish aren't doing well. Did the store right down the numbers for you? They are very important to have, it gives us a better picture of what is going on.

Post them if you have them.

Now can you describe the fungus better? What type of meds did you use, the name of them?

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