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Favorite Goldfish?


What kind of goldfish is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. What kind of goldfish is your favorite?

    • single tail: comet, common, shubunkin
    • double tail: wakins, jakins
    • double tail w/ dorsal fin: fantail, pearlscale, oranda, etc.
    • double tail w/ no dorsal fin: lionhead, ranchu, celestial, etc.

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Guest PenelopeFish

I love, love, love Orandas... but then again those Lionheads are beyond awesome... wait! I love commons too! Ahhh! That poll is too tough. I love all those fishies! :heart

PenelopeFish :)

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  • Regular Member

I love my comets, and my shubbies, but my fave fish is my little feeder fish named Lucky. Not so little now, he's a good 5" after 7 months!


PS, thanks for a poll that includes singletails along with fancies!

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  • Regular Member

Oh.... Oh.... thats soooooooooosooooooosooooooooo hard!!!! :krazy:

Ive always thought lionheads were adorable.... but ive never actually owned one, although id LOVE to. From what I have owned, I really love oranda's, although my fiance complains that it looks like brains.... but i think its adorable. The oranda I have right now is orange bodied and has black trim on all his fins. Its sooo perfect! Ill have to post pictures.... Also, I love fantails, I own two.... its so hard, I think their all sooo cute!

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