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My Crazy Loaches


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I can't seem to find a good pic of Zig Zag,and Kraze.....It's funny how different all these loaches look.The white ones are supposed to be Golden Dojo's. Well,if you see them in person,they look white and pink,and they have brown spots on them.I've seen goldens with spots before,but not with this coloring. I have 5 in a 75 gal.and they're funny as heck to watch.All but Zig Zag run around the tank messing with the Goldies. He has a bent back.I think someone thought he was dinner one day. :blink: I have a few in another tank that I'm thinking of adding.That,or buying a couple more Goldens. The more you keep together,the more they "Cut up" in the tank. :rofl

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