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Just Got A Real Bargain!

Golden Supanova

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hi all

just bought a beautiful blue oranda to cheer myself up, i lost my red/white ryukin yesterday and went to get some new meds etc. today and couldn't resist this one.

It had no price on the tank so i asked the salesman how much, he said "i don't know, hang on, i'll check." so he went to the tanks with the other orandas in (he didn't know what an oranda was, i asked for 'the blue oranda' he said "the what?!") and came back asking "so how much do you want to give?" i said "erm...whatever you want" he replied "it should be ?10.95, so give me ?4.99 and we'll call it quits"

bargain, it's about 6" long!

and i also asked for a bottle of MelaFix, he took it and instantly said "?3.70 please" i paid and was happy, got outside and looked at the box, it said ?6.20!

just saved around ?8

but i think the blue oranda should have been more than ?10.95 anyway!

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