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A Little Lobster Thing...ghost Shrimp?

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A couple of months ago or so (who knows now, time flies) I bought some plants.

I took the plants out one day and I noticed this little blob moving, it looked like a worm and was scaring me, so I quickly put the plant with it's creepy bug back in the tank.

Time passes as I am afraid to look. I work up the courage and now it looks like a worm with legs. I put it back again, as a) I thought it was creepy and didn't want to touch it b ) I don't like killing things when I don't know what they are and c) it didn't seem to hurt the fish.

The next time I looked, it looked like a little tiny lobster.

I was told on this forum it was probably a ghost shrimp.

More time passes, and I found two in the plant pot today. I took one out and put it in with my baby snails so I could watch it grow. The other is still in the plant pot in the tank.

It is really small and looks like a see through lobster.

What does it eat, I am guessing plants since it was in the plant pot.

Will it hurt my baby snails, or will my snails hurt it?

I also found some pest snails in the pot. I was really excited LOL. I took one out and put it with my baby ramshorns. Will it be ok with them?



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I have no idea, but that sounds really freaky. However, if it is a lobster-type thing, it may have sharp little claws that may tear at the fleshy part of the snails. I believe that ghost shrimp are compatible with snails, but I am really not sure about that, so I'd hold off on it until I can find a definitive answer.

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Guest hamstaman

1. it probably is a ghost shrimp or a crayfish. But teh only see through creature i know is a ghost shrimp

2. ghost shrimp live with snails happily, they eat uneaten fishfood and soft algae

3. pond snails and ramshorns live happy together. its pond snails and apple snails that dont go together.

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