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Hi guys! :lol:

Well, after a long trip in Mexico and not really bieng here much because of homework, I'm back.

Back to some terrible news though, I left my fish be taken care of some of my parents friends, and supposedly everything was going well but in week 2 the electricity went out for 3 days and when I came back everything was a disaster!

My fish tank looked like swamp water, filled with poop and old fish food but that wasn"t the worst. My demekin, Draco, had one of his fins completely gone, all that was left was a little bit of skin and the bones in the fin. I was sure he was a goner but to my relief he survived. Since Sunday I got home he's been alive and I have cleaned up the whole tank and all the others are okay.I've been treating him with Melafix since yesterday and he's really doing better, if you guys have any tips to help him heal, post.

Heres my tank info:

Amonia level:0ppm

Nitrite level:.25ppm

Nitrate level:5.0ppm

Ph:between 7.5 & 7.2(same out of tap)

its a 35gal.tank and its been running for about 2-3months

filters are penguin100 and fluval303

water changed once a week

treated with aquarium pharmecetuals Nov-aqua and I'm using melafix

2 medium size fish (dorada and draco) and 2 baby size fish I'm taking care of

I feed bio-blend, progold,peas,orange slices,and bloodworms

unusual findings? the fin with no skin and another fin with 2 small red dots on draco

no more unusual behavior from draco and i dont have my chloramines test kit because I'm all out.

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Oh that just is terrible. I am sorry, how horrible to come home to that. Poor little guy.

I think the best thing for him at this point is very good water quality. Do 50% water changes every day or 2. Add some aquarium salt to 0.3%. I don't know if I would start meds or not. I guess that is a personal choice, I try to not use meds if I can. Maybe give the water an salt time to work, and in a day or 2 then try one.

I am not sure which one I would use either, maybe a Maracyn2 or Plus. Maybe someone would know better which one.

Poor little guy, he hung on and is a fighter huh!!

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Ooooh good luck. I had my inlaws look after my fish, and that happened too, the electricity went out and my filter did not prime and melted and my fish almost died! It's aweful.

I think you are doing pretty much all you can at this point. Keep a close eye on those nitrites and don't let them rise! If they get any higher do a water change!

I hope your fish's fin grows back with no problems.


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