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How Do I Remove My Gravel

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I have a light coating of gravel in one of my tanks, mixed with glass beads.

I would like to take the gravel out, but I don't want to mess up my water parameters.

I remember reading a great post about how much gravel you should remove at a time, it was by Koko, I believe, but it was a long time ago, maybe a year ago, so I don't remember exactly how to do it, and I can't find the post I am looking for.

I remember thinking it would take forever to get all the gravel out heehee.

So what do you suppose a safe amount would be?

I don't have a whole lot in there to begin with. I used to think bare bottom was ugly (no offense anyone) but now I actually like the look, and I think my gravel is ugly :rofl I am not sure if I will leave the glass beads (I will at first to see how they look lightly scattered, I don't want them deep) and if that looks gross, then I'm going to use river rocks.



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I've always said take 1/4 out per week. Since you don't have

a thick layer, you might be able to do 1/2 per week.

You could put the gravel in little baggies and remove one now

and then, but have your bare bottom (hehe) look at the same

time. :D

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