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How Do You Start All Over Again?

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hi all

well ym gold has died and i wont to know hot do i start my gold fish keeping now?

clean the tank right and very stuf like sand,filter lava rock and put them all out

for 3 days then put them in and then what?the watter must be adlest 1 day old

so that cemicals vere off right? so the watter sand and filter and lava rock are clean in and i can buy miself a new fish right? befor entering my fish in my tank

i must have my new fish in a plastick bagg for 20 min so that she gets use to

the temperature right?if i would put my fish in the tank to fast she would probabyl get in skock(i think i made a mistake with my last fish i enterd here in the tank

after 5 min in the bagg she wonted to get in the tank so badly so i let here in that

was a bigg mistake right)?so when 30 min are over i can insert my gold fish in

the tank right?and put all here old watter in this plastick bagg in my tank right?

so this is all right? i only add about 2-3 drops of anty clor in 5.6 litter cans,that i put in my tank so is this enaugh?or is it to much?i have got even some food

that makes your gold fish more shiny :rofl so is this all right that i have asked

you peoples?

plz help me :happydance

sorry for all my writing mistakes

but i am in a hury :(

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i dont know if there are tests for diseases, bacteria, and fungus. but i know if your have a properly cycled tank, and buy the healthiest fish you see in the store, then feed good food, and dont over feed, that you will have a very very good chance of having healthy fish. if your water is of good quality, then the fish will have more resistance to parasites and disease. healthy fish are all about the water. the better your water, the happier the fish.

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