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Fish Tanks, And Goldfish...

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I'm new here. Thanks to jsrtist, i found this forum.

I'm Quite Glad I did! Anyway, I would like two of the small, ''Chubby'' Looking goldfish. Would these guys be okay in a Ten Gallon? I'd get a small filter, and heater.

I just wanted to reaserch on these guys before i purchase them.


Michael~ :)

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The round chubby type goldfish are fancies. They need a minimum of 10 gallons each. So you would need a 20 gallon tank at least for 2 of them. As for a filter for your tank, for goldfish you should get a filter that turns over 10 times the amount of water in your tank per hour. So if you have a 10 gallon tank you'd need a filter that did 100 gallons per hour, or 200 gph for a 20 gallon tank. If you don't have enough filtration it'll be very hard to keep your tank clean, since goldfish are so messy! For heaters, use a 50-75 watt for a 10 gallon, 75-100 watt for a 20 gallon. Good luck on your new fish, and welcome to the board! :)

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Greetings and welcome to the board! :welcome

It's good that your willing to find out the living requirements

before getting your fish. :) For goldfish, it's recommended

they have a MINIMUM of 10 gallons of water per fish. It may

seem like a lot for a little one, but they grow to be huge. The

chubby or fancy bodied goldies can get to be over 8" long and

roughly 4" wide when given the proper tank conditions.

So, the smallest tank you should start out with would be a 20

gallon tank. A 20 gallon long will work, or depending on the $$

situation a bigger tank is better.

For the filter, you'll want to filter 10x the amount of water in the

tank. --10 gallon tank- a filter that will do 100 gallons per hour,

a 20 gallon tank -a filter that will do 200 gph or more. The reason

for having such big amounts of filtration is that goldfish are very

meshy fish. They eat a lot causing them to poo frequently, making

their tank dirty.

For the heater, you'll need to know what size tank you have to

get the appropriate wattage to heat it. Here's a little aid to help

figure out how big a heater you'll need:

5 - 15 gallons 50 watt

15 - 30 gallons 100 watt

30 - 45 gallons 150 watt

40 - 75 gallons 200 watt

55 - 100 gallons 300 watt

80 - 150 gallons 400 watt

100 - 175 gallons 500 watt

When you get into tanks over 55 gallons, it's best to have 2

heaters. This will keep from overworking the single one and

let them last longer.

Another thing you'll definetaly want is a air pump with a couple

air stones or a bubble bar. Goldfish are air pigs. So, they need

to have a supply of oxygen in their tank or they will breath out

all the air in the water.

I'm gonna add some links you can click on to get more information


Cycling a tank:


Here's a more in depth article going over some of the stuff I

mentioned plus other things you'll need to know:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :) I'm sure once you

get ready to purchase stuff, jsrtist would be willing to go over it with

you at the store she works at. :D

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Thank-you so much, you guys. Now i am thinking on getting a 30 gallon, just to be safe. i could get a Pleco in there, or something.

You two have helped me so much. I appreciate it a lot. (and those links were great, too.)



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If you do get a pleco, make sure it is a dwarf variety. The common

pleco gets over 12" and becomes carnivorous after awhile and will

go after your goldies. :( Here's a link that shows 2 different

dwarf plecos you possibly could get:


The 30 sounds good. :) 2 goldies should do fine in there without

any company. Just curious, is there any reason for getting a


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Aw, thanks for letting me know, about that. I truly had no idea.

Is there any other Compatible spieces? Mabye a Gourami?



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Personal opinion, the goldies will be fine by themselves-the 2

of them. Any other creatures that go into the tank start using

up the water space for the goldies. --2 goldies in a 30 gal tank,

is 15 gals per fish. Add something like a Gourami and the 15

gals per goldie is down to 14 or less.

Other things to consider would be temperature. Goldies can

live at different temps (a steady one is preffered), while

tropicals need to be at a constant warm temp.

Feeding requirements, goldies eat just about anything. :o

While tropicals like only certain things. Goldfish are big

piggies and tend to push other fish out of the way when it

comes time to feed. Plus, as goldfish get big, they may try

to eat the other fish. :huh:

I know, lots of things to consider for fish. :)

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I love tropic fish(used to have angels), and I tried to keep my black moore with them and he got pretty sick. I think from the heat. Once I took him out and treated him he was fine. Then I got him his own tank. I'd say keep coldwater and tropics seperate.

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