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New Tank 120gal Yea!


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We just picked up my christmas present, it is just as much for my guys as for me, 120 gallons worth of goldish heaven. My 4 big guys and one lady (1 comet 4 commons) needed more room, they have definately outgrown their 55 gallon current digs. All my guys are between 6 and 8 inches and very happy and healthy, the new tank will help keep them that way.

The 10 gallon rule is a great guideline but there comes a point where even that is pushing the envelope. My guys started as tiny feeders and have grown very fast, pro-gold is amazing stuff.

Anyway I will soon have an empty 55 gallon tank and stand, glass covers etc. It seems a shame to just put it in the garage when so many fish could use a bigger home. I live in the London, Ontario Canada area and would love to talk to someone looking for a bigger (only 2 year old) tank.

P.S. I think we are also getting a Filstar XP3 cannister filter unit. Any advice on cannister filters would be appreciated, I have 2 penguin 330 filters on my 55 and I don't know a thing about cannisters.

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