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Ich Ii, Ich Strikes Back..


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Well the poor thing, Daisy has ich, it's back, so obviously I didn't cure her..

I do have a dilemma, so that is why I am posting for help and opinions..

My 29 Gallon tank is gonna be ripped down, my 5 gallon is occupied with 4 little white cloud minnows. So were to put her while I treat her is the question.

I thought about using buckets, swapping between 2 ever 48 hrs, with new meds in.

At the moment I am using King British White Spot treatment, and the 29 gallon tank has used most of it, so at least in the buckets 1 dose will last 10 times longer.

Or do I use the salt method????

She is cover in usual salt grains, appetite is small, and her movement is not as it should be..

Her fins are fine apart from being clamped when sitting at the TOP.

Whets the best course of action to cure this once and for all...

Cheers Declan

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I have never used salt to treat ich so I can't help you there. The white spot med you mentioned would probably do the trick too though.

I would use a rather large bucket, but attach a filter to it if you can. I don't like treating with meds without a filter. Aquaclears (if you can get them) clip on well to buckets. I don't think that switching her every 2 days would be helpful. It may be too much stress for her. Why are you planning to rip down the 29 gallon tank?

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