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10 Gallon- Filter & Pump?

Guest Kezia

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I have got a ten gallon tank with gravel, and plan to place 2 goldfish in it. I was wondering whether I needed a filter and an air pump?

Also, would you recommend a black moor- I read that they have sight problems and so have problems taking their share of food when fed, and that their eyes can become damaged on tank decorations..

many thanks, Kezia.

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filter YES...preferably get one that pumps at least 100Gallon per hour (minimum)

air pump...it is NOT necessary !!!

(unless you're getting an undergravel filter).

If you are getting a HOB/power filter....then an airpump is NOT necessary.

2 goldfish in 10gallon is good :)

That's the MAXIMUM stockage.

Please, i recommend you do NOT get more than 2 goldfish.

black moore's are FINE !!

if you want a black moore...

you can get 2 black moore's...


1 celestial 1 blackmoore

1 bubble-eye 1 blackmoore

those combinations are compatible !!

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Actually I have to disagree. 2 fish in a 10 gal is running a risk of being overstocked. Now if they are less than 1 inch and you are going to get a bigger tank soon then it should be ok. Other than that you will have problems.

As for the airpump, I disagree with that as well. You really need an airstone or bubblewall running in your tank. THis will help keep oxygen in the water.

Black moors can have trouble seeing, but if you take care that shouldn't be a problem. Just keep him in mind when picking out your decorations.

(Sorry Pandemonium)

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i agree, sorry to say. I feel that my fish are doing quite well, well kinda they getting bigger now... and for the last year that have been doing terrific. If you are just starting out it is ok. Because it gives your fishies something to do, ya kow like a buddy. Any way i think 2 fish per ten gallons is Fine. just no more and as long as they are not comets or a fish that like to swim fast ya know... any way ...




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When buying goldfish, remember black moors take a little longer to find food, than do regular eyed fish, so you have to watch to make sure if you get a 'reg. eyed' gld fish, that it[ moor] is able to feed before the other gobbles it up. Unfortunately, I didn't think of that when I bought Dorothy, the hugest goldfish in my tank. She's a pig. Good luck! :D:druel

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