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Sick Neon


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I know this is the place to ask about sick goldfish, but my neon terta is quite ill and we need help!

He is bent in the middle. He was doing fine bent, then his slime coat got milky and I was afraid it might spread. He is now in a 10 gallon heated tank. He is laying on his side on the bottom (laying on his head and tail because of the bend!) He swims a little than falls back to the bottom.

I didn't think he would live trought the night, but he has. Should I try to save him? He is suffering so! If he must be put down, what is the most humaine way that I could do it?


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Did this just happen overnight, or has it been coming on? Could he have injured himself? Did you test the water? He could possibly have an advanced case of neon tetra disease, and the link/article listed below covers it pretty well. Also, under the frequently asked questions section, euthanasia is covered very well (not to say you need to do this, just pointing you in the right direction). I have obtained 95% clove oil from a drug store chain called CVS (I don't know where you're located). It's also called eugenol, and it's used for toothache pain. I would ask the pharmacist.

Good luck,



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