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Possible Dropsy, With Added Extras

Guest suze666

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Guest suze666

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, after reading some of the others I have got some helpful advice on my problem but still have a few questions. I have quite a small pearlscale with what looks like dropsy (he looks like a little football compared to my other pearlscale he's so swollen up). Part of his abdomen was swelling more than the rest and it developed into a fluid filled sac which burst last night. The contents of the sac were clear and the fish is still swimming around quite happily and is still eating. My main question is can I do anything about the remains of the sac that are still hanging underneath the fish? It looks like it's still attached so I don't really want to try pulling it off, I am wondering if it will fall off by itself and if there's anything on particular I can/should be doing in the meantime.

I have put some anti-bacterial treatment in the water with the second lot of treatment due tonight.


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