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Lazy Fishies


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Hey guys ... havn't posted in a while... my fish have been fine. Just my girlfriends seem to be "ehh" they kinda just kicken back and laying around. Her tank was pritty dirty so she's cleaning it ... but my tank has been 3 times worse(sad to say) and my fish have been super. so i don't know whtas the deal. Their dorsal fins are up and fully erect(my indicator of stress, seems to work really well, so i am kinda ruling stress out) just they are lazy. Mabye it could be the food... i mix up my fishes diets every now and again. maybe she should try it?

Any suggestions to get them to be alittle more hyper... dietary suggestions, filter media, chemical meds, and is this a potential sign of sickness?

cheers hope fully some one can help me :)


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Guest metallax

my fish have been pretty lazy at times lately as well... just kinda lay on the bottom with their dorsal fins pretty low (dare i say clamped?) every so often... but i think it's becuase my heat is broken, so it's like 58 degrees in here, which is about a 10-13 degree drop in temp from normal.. i'm guessin that's enough to do it with my fish, and if it's cold in your tank, that's prolly enough as well

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Guest squeeker

I wouldn't think it would be the temperature, your house would have to be pretty cold!

What size of tank are the fish in? Do they have a light on their tank? What kind of goldfish are they?

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