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Need A Snaily Name


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The original Chewy babies (golden apple snail) are getting sooo big already. There are 4 or 5 of them now that are pea-sized and over. But there is one that is like it's mother...HUGE. It's so much bigger than the other ones. I wanted to see if anyone had a good name for this big 'ol snail. Wish I could post a pic. (getting a digicam for Christmas though!!)

Thanks guys and gals!

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Guest Kameira

Name it KAMEIRA!!! :lol:

No, ha ha.

The names I come up with are the weirdest names ever to walk the earth, so if you don't like weird names, don't look. :rofl

P.S. You won't know how to pronounce half the words. Neither do I.






Kameira... no wait! You can't have that one, it's mine!






They all end in vowels, vowels are cool! :D

If you ask me where I came up with these things, I'll merely reply, with my highly overactive imagination, of course.

Call me weird. I'll appreciate it. ;)

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Guest Kameira

Hey, I've got an idea! Just think! I can see the headlines now...

Crunchy, Descendant of Chewy

Wherever there's a Chewy, I tell you, there IS a Crunchy! :D


Love the dancing lock.

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