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Interesting To Know...

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I just looked online for my water companies annual report for water quality.... and here is 2003 report...

Parameter Average Units

Alkalinity 54 ppm

Aluminum <0.005 ppm

Ammonia 0.09 ppm

Calcium 35 ppm

Chloride 20 ppm

Copper <0.005 ppm

Hardness, Total 150 ppm (as CaCo3)

Iron <0.005 ppm

Manganese <0.005 ppm

pH 7.2 pH units

Orthophosphate 1.2 ppm

Sodium 13 ppm

Sulfate 96 ppm

Total Dissolved Solids 216 ppm

Zinc 0.168 ppm

Chlorine and Chloramines are used...

Ok...so The alkalinity ... is that KH...cause I am getting vastly different on my tests than they have listed... I also realise that is last years average and it may be lots different this year.... I am getting the same exact reading on the Total hardness though... the GH.... and that being 150....and the same on the PH.... and I realise that can flucuate a bit I got 7.4 once and 7.2 the rest of the time out of the tap..

Anyway interestng to know....

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ok... just tested it this orning... from tap and got 120 ppm...Yesterday I tested it and got 180.... and the day before I got 300....apparetnly they buffer it at the water treatment center every so often or something.... but it's still lots higher than the 2003 average...hummmmm :huh:

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