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Feeding Dish

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I just found this in the new book from That Fish Place. It seems like a good idea for those people feeding ProGold and are having a problem with it sinking into the gravel. The only this is I guess you would almost need one for every fish or there would be a major shoving match.

Aquarium Fish Dish (JC Mfg)

Item number JC0001

This feeder saves money on fish food, all food is consumed-no waste. It keeps aquariums cleaner and clearer because no more food is lost in the gravel, deteriorating and clouding water. Promotes healthier fish as food is always visible and easily available for fish to eat. Great for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Fits into any size aquarium.


Feeder is 7 1/2" high, tray is 1 3/4" x 3" x 1" deep.

You Pay: $ 4.99----In Stock: Yes*


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Oooh, that would be easy to make, too.. just get a plastic dish (maybe even one that blends in with your gravel and/or decorations) and a wide enough tube (plain old vinyl tubing from a hardware store, or filter intake extension tubes, or something)... in fact, if you did it the homemade way, you could just put the tube in when you need to drop the food, then take it out again so it doesn't take up tank space or look weird.

Not that I want to take business away from anyone, just thought it might save someone some money.

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