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Answers To The New And Improved Goldfish Quiz

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I asked for the answers to the quiz a couple of times, but never got an answer. I expect GoldfishGoddess is very busy, so I took the liberty of looking up the answers for those of you who wanted to know, myself included :D

I looked up all of these, even the ones I knew, just to make sure that they were correct.

1) and 2) Who initally developed the 'comet' in the United States? What year?

Hugo Murkett and the US Fisheries Department first bred the comet around 1881. The actual year depends on which article you read. Everyone gives you a different year, so as long as you say the late 1800's early 1900's you are safe.

3)What is the Japanese version of the fantail called?

The Ryukin is considered the Japanese version of the fantail.

4)This fish's name means "love" in Japanease..

I have been unable to find this answer. I know it's not Ranchu or Koi, because I know what those two mean.........so if anyone has an answer, please share.

5)What species of fish is the Koi?

Koi or nishikiogi is Japanses for "brocaded" carp. Koi are a variety of the common carp.

6)How many litres equal one US gallon?

1 US gal is equal to 3.79 litres

7)How many litres equal one Imperial gallon?

4.546092 litres equal 1 UK gal

8)1 Celcius is equal to ___ feriheight

1 Celcius is equal to 33.8 F

9)What is the more commonly used name for the plant, Echinodorus bleheri?

Amazon Sword Plant

10)What tempetures do goldfish thrive best at?

This answer varies, depending on what kind of fish you have, and where the fish are (pond, aquarium etc). Stable temperature is important in tank fish. Most experts agree on 70-75 F, but goldies can do well at lower or higher temps than that as long as the temp is stable.

11)Will a goldfish turn white if placed in complete darkness for a long time?

Yes according to a number of useless trivia sites, this is true. A goldfish placed in darkness will eventually turn white.

12)How old was the longest living fish? hint: fish's name was Tish

The oldest living goldfish named Tish was owned by Hilda and Gordon Hund of Thirsk, N. Yorkshire England. Tish lived for 43 years after being won at a fairground in 1956.

13)The common goldfish is the only animal that can see... CHOOSE TWO

Again, according to the useless trivia sites the answer is that the goldfish is the only animal that can see both infra-red and ultra-violet light.

14)A goldfish's brain is bigger than a green lizard's brain. True or false?

True, the average goldfish brain weighs 0.097 grams, and the average green lizards brain weighs 0.08 grams.

15)A goldfish's brain is larger than a hamster's brain. True or false?

False, a hamsters brain weighs 1.4 grams, and the goldfish brain weighs 0.097 grams.

So I guess the question is not really is it bigger, but does it weight more.

16)How many times a day should you feed adult goldfish?

There is no real answer to this. It depends on what you read and who you believe. Most experts recomment 1 to 2 times daily. However some say small quantities several times throughout the day is correct as well, since that is how fish eat in the wild.

17)A symptom of too much protein in a goldfish's diet is:

I have no idea. I could not find much info on this. I would guess constipation and or swimbladder. Because the other answers are not symptoms of too much protein.

18)The proper amount of protein for young fish and females that are developing eggs is what?

I could not find a definitive answer to this. Almost every site gave me a different number. I read a field study that had been done, and they recommend 29% and since it was an actual study and not some run of the mill website, I'll go with the 29%. Correct me if it's wrong, and have proof for back up, so we will all know for sure.

19)Carbohydrates are important in a goldfish's diet. True or False?

Again depends on who you believe. Some say NO!!! And some say YES!!! Personally I feel they are important in the form of fresh vegetables.

20)What percent of lipids, should be included in a goldfish's diet?

The study I read recommended 13%. A koi and goldfish mag recommended 5-10%.

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Answer to #4 "Which fish's name means "love" in Japansese"?

The answer is Koi.

The Japanese called the fish Kishikgoi with the common name being 'koi' which actually means 'love'. This is because koi were given as presents to friends, just as we give flowers.

I found this info from the University of Tennessee Agriculture & Fisheries Dept. so I assume they know what they are talking about.

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Thank you. I researched that a lot, and I didn't find anywhere that it said love. Most said "brocaded".

Thanks a million :D


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