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Goldfish Babies

Guest hea211

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2-3 days after hatching.

They will first eat their yolk sac.

While they still eat the yolk sac, they dont move around really, but rather stick on the sides/bottom of the tank or on plants etc.

When they start moving around, looking for food, its when you should start feeding them.

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congrats! what are you planning on feeding them? baby brine shrimp work best. they grow much much faster fed on them and theyre not hard to cultivate at all. again, congrats on the babies and if you need any more help dont be afraid to ask :D

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im going to feed them tetra growth food its has very fine flakes in it and contain shrimp meal in it then i raised them later on aquanrian goldfish food has all the vitmins for them and proten. thank you

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Guest RedWhiteRanchu

I think you should feed them 3 times a day in small amount. Live brine shrimp is good also though.

Congrats on :newfish

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